COVID Protocols 2021-22


Current COVID-19 Protocols:

New masking guidelines effective March 14, 2022:

Beginning Monday, March 14, 2022, mask-wearing will no longer be required at REACH Leadership STEAM Academy. Students and staff are welcome to wear masks if they desire to voluntarily. Although masks are still strongly recommended, they are not required.

REACH Leadership STEAM Academy will not enforce or monitor if students are wearing their masks inside the classroom or on campus. Masks will still be provided for students and staff upon request.

Quarantine vs isolation

Quarantine means staying home after an exposure but before symptoms start. Quarantine is no longer recommended as a strategy for controlling COVID-19.

Isolation means staying home and away from others in your household if you have symptoms or you test positive. If you test positive, contact your doctor to see if you should receive treatment. COVID-19 treatments are free, widely available, and reduce the risk of serious illness. Learn about your treatment options.

Read more at CDPH’s Isolation and Quarantine Guidance and CDC’s Isolation and Precautions.

If a student or staff member tests positive:

We will inform parents of any affected students as soon as we are notified about a positive case. Our school nurse will contact you and send out a letter specifying the action that needs to be taken. 

Isolate: A student will Isolate for 5 days if they have tested positive to COVID-19. The 5 day isolation starts from the first positive test. Our school nurse will send details on when to end isolation.

If the student is exposed outside of school: 

  • Get tested Immediately and 3-5 days after last exposure.
  • Wear a mask when around others for 10 days after exposure, even at home if other people are present.
  • If they test positive, contact our school nurse, isolate the student.

If a student is exposed to COVID at school: 

  • Our School nurse will notify on what actions to take. 
  • Students will not need to quarantine unless they test positive.

Sick students -  If a student is sick with at least two or more symptoms, they will be sent home by the school nurse, who will also recommend COVID testing. If a child has a negative COVID test result, they may return sooner. If the parent decides not to test, then the child may return once symptoms have subsided. A child's return to school is at the discretion of the school nurse.

Students with symptoms - It is okay for students to be at school if they are getting over a cold. Those students may still have a lingering cough or a little congestion, which is normal with viruses, including COVID. Students will not be sent home if they have allergies. Our school nurse understands that allergies and COVID have similar symptoms, but she considers several factors when differentiating allergies and COVID.

All Staff - If a staff member starts to develop symptoms after being exposed, that staff member will be asked to stay home and get tested. If the test is negative and the staff member feels well, they'll return to work the next day. If a staff member tests positive, whether they have symptoms or not, they will be required to isolate for 5 days. A staff member can end isolation after day 5 if:

  • They have had no fever for 24 hours without taking fever-reducing medications, and
  • Their other symptoms are gone or improving.

Sick Staff Member - If a staff member doesn't feel well, they'll need to plan for a sub and get COVID tested. If the COVID test is negative and they feel well, they will return to work the next day.