Receiving Credit for Work & Attendance

Student Work Deadlines:

  • Each week students will have until Monday by 8 a.m. to receive full credit for attendance and grades.  
  • Partial credit will be given, at the teachers' discretion, if work is turned in any time after such deadline. At such point, students can get credit towards their grade, but not get attendance credit for any work turned in after Monday at 8 a.m.  
  • Please note we will work with special circumstances and families with special requests (i.e. COVID related, etc.)  


Methods of Staying in Attendance:

  • Attendance in the 2020-21 school year is based on student engagement and participation which can be a combination of the following:
  1. Participation in remote learning (i.e., online Zoom sessions, SeeSaw, Google Classroom)
  2. Other work completion
  3. Physical presence in the classroom. 
  • Student Participation = Attendance  (Participation through work completion and remote sessions)
  •  In-person instruction and 100% online learning = Attendance (In-person instruction through hybrid or essential option.)
  •  In order to get full credit for attendance and towards grades in a given week, student work must be turned in by Monday at 8 a.m. (See above) 
  • Students may make up remote/online participation by communicating with the teacher, watching recorded online lessons, and submitting work for the missed lesson(s).


Ways Students May Participate:

Logon to the online platform, i.e., Zoom, google classroom, etc. contact the teacher during office hours respond to teacher announcements or emails on Dojo
complete assessments and assignments contact between teachers, students, parents via email, text, or phone participate in teacher check-ins and school surveys

contact with school attendance review team (SART)

group online chat/discussion board participation

participate in zoom or seesaw sessions


Reporting Absences:

  • Parents must report absences as we do during a traditional school year.
  •  Attendance team may reach out to parents for students who are absent, if we do not hear from parents. 
  • We may request students who are chronically absent during remote learning to attend in-person instruction full time, once we become a hybrid campus.