Mental Health

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The Importance of Mental Health

 Here at REACH, we want to make sure all scholars have access to the support they need when it comes to their mental well being. Joselynn Aguilar, our program Director of Special Education is also our Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist here on campus. Mental health problems can impact the academic performance and success of our scholars. We have the direct tools and resources here on campus to support our scholars and their families when it comes to stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, adjustment ,and many other mental health related struggles

How to Access Mental Health Services at REACH

Other Counseling Resources:

Do you want to look for your own mental health professional? Ms. Joselynn Aguilar recommends these 3 resources.

  1., to find a therapist in your local area with current availability.
  2. for affordable mental health services
  3. Call your insurance (Kaiser, IEP, BlueShield, etc) and your insurance provider will connect you with a referral list of therapists who accept your insurance and the type of service you need (family counseling, marital counseling, psychological assessment, individual counseling, psychiatric services, and more).

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call 800-273-8255(TALK) or text 988

REACH Suicide Prevention Policy and Procedures linked here.


Self Care Tips: 



Write down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.


Feel Good Activity

Do your “feel good”activity once a week. This can be as simple as stopping to get your favorite coffee in the morning or listening to a podcast or a book on your downtime.


Reach out

Talk to a family or friend. Do not be afraid to ask for help. MS. Joselynn Aguilar is also available and you can reach her at [email protected]


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