Before your child's first day at REACH, please complete the following:

  1. Fill out the dismissal preference form so we know how you will be picking up your student(s): Dismissal Preference Form
  2. Review our General Traffic and Safety Rules linked here.

As we start the new year, please remember that REACH is a leadership school. Please model good behavior for your child. Obey traffic rules and show courtesy to others.


  • School gates open at 7:15 AM and instruction begins at 7:45 AM.
  • Your child is considered tardy at 7:51 AM. If they arrive after 7:50, you must park and walk into the office to explain the tardy, or send them with a note.
  • Carline in the morning will be available starting on the first day
  • Parents may walk onto campus for the first day ONLY at arrival (please park off-site)
  • There is no parking in the REACH lot during arrival and dismissal.


  • We encourage parents NOT to line up early.
  • Parents have the option to pick up at the gate, via the car line, or have their 3rd-6th grade child and siblings walk off campus unaccompanied to walk home or meet the parent/guardian at a location of their choosing. Please fill out the dismissal preferences form linked above where you will also find the walk-off permission form.
  • Dismissal times:
    • 2:45 for TK/K
    • 3:00 for 1st-3rd
    • 3:15 for 4th-6th
    • Siblings may dismiss at the oldest sibling's dismissal time
  • Car line for dismissal in afternoon will be available starting Tuesday, August 22
  • Continuing our REACH tradition: All parents must park and walk up to the classrooms for the first day only (please park off-site)
  • If walk-off passes are submitted for 3-6 grade students and their siblings by Friday, August 18, they may walk-off starting the first day. Otherwise, allow at least 1 business day for processing.
  • The After School Program will be in session starting the first day.
  • Please be patient for the first two weeks as students learn where to go for dismissal.
  • Please make sure to fill out our Dismissal Preference Form if you have not already: form linked here.
  • Minimum Days: All students dismiss at 1 PM.

*Please be advised that parents must notify the office before 2 PM on regular days and 12 PM on minimum days regarding any changes in how they will be picking up.

View additional details on our Arrival & Dismissal Traffic and Safety Guidelines (linked here).