Social Media

All parents must fill out our Consent to Release Photo/Image release form at the time of enrollment, either giving or denying permission. Your permission grants us approval to publicize without prior notification and remains in effect until revoked. If you wish to make changes to your existing agreement, please fill out a new agreement here: Photo/Image Release

During the current school year, your child’s image/photograph or work will likely be included in a classroom or school project, or advertisement for the school that could be used in one of the following ways:

  • Posted on Class Dojo (seen by parents in your child's class)*
  • Posted on Teacher Blogs, used by teachers on sites like Donor's Choose or other fundraising sites
  • Posted on Facebook, Instagram, or REACH web pages on the Internet
  • Used in a printed publication such as a newspaper, magazine, flyer, or other advertisement.

Your child's name will NOT be included with your child’s picture when publishing on the Internet. There is no monetary compensation for the use of the work, but it will help many teachers raise funds and show other families a good example of what REACH school life is like.

*Please reach out to your child's teacher if you are okay with posts on Class Dojo but not anywhere else.