Handbook - Dress Code Section

Dress Code

REACH Leadership Academy is proud of its dress code policy, which provides students and families with clear expectations on what every student dress code should look like as outlined below. We believe that a clean-cut and professional image reduces distractions and promotes learning. Therefore, school uniforms are expected to fit the student appropriately, be cleaned regularly, and cannot deviate from the style and color choices. Students are expected to present themselves in a neat, clean, and professional manner at all times.

We understand that many of our bodies are changing as children grow older. Although shirts are not required to be tucked in and belts are optional, we recommend that students choose to do so whenever feasible.

We believe that school uniforms promote a sense of pride in our school and solidarity between students. And while the school may designate non-uniform days (Free Dress Days), such decisions will be made by the school administrator(s). Uniforms can be purchased through Carrusel Uniforms.

A. Pants

  • Chino style or Khakis
  • Solid-colored khaki or navy blue
  • No more than one size larger than the waist, worn at the waist. No low-rise, bagging, sagging, or dragging pants
  • No cuffs in the pant legs
  • No jeans, cargo/carpenter pants, leggings, or jeggings
  • No sweatpants except on House Spirit Days or unless stated as part of a spirit day theme
  • Blue jeans (without holes) may be worn on Wednesdays when wearing a college shirt and on designated Free Dress Days (see Free Dress Days excerpt)
  • No pajama bottoms unless stated as part of a spirit day theme

B. Walking Shorts/Skorts/Skirts/Jumpers

  • Solid-colored khaki or navy blue
  • No more than one size larger than the waist, worn at the waist
  • Must be no shorter than two inches above the knee
  • No cut-off shorts
  • A uniform shirt must always be worn under a jumper. Peter Pan collars are preferred.
  • No boxers, running shorts, or denim of any kind
  • Denim/blue jeans may be worn on Free Dress Days (see Free Dress Days excerpt)or College/University Day Wednesdays ONLY

C. Shirt Styles

  • White oxford cotton, button down shirts in either long or short sleeve (No polo shirts)
  • Shirt must fit appropriately and not be more than one size larger than the student’s body size
  • No logos, designs, or pictures on button down shirts unless it’s the school logo
  • No bare waists, midriffs, bare backs, “spaghetti straps,” and/or low necklines permitted
  • Undershirts, if worn, must be solid white (no colored undershirts)
  • A uniform shirt must be worn under a jumper
  • School T-Shirts or 100 Mile T-Shirts may be worn on Fridays
  • University & College T-shirts may be worn on Wednesdays

D. Sweaters and Jackets

  • All jackets and sweaters worn inside or outside of the classroom must be solid navy, black, or white, without logos.
  • No pullover sweaters and/or sweatshirts of any kind (no hoodies)

E. Shoes

  • Athletic shoes only M-F (tennis shoes or other shoes with traction on the bottom, lace-up or velcro straps, suitable for running and playing during PE and recess)
  • It is essential that shoes be properly tied when worn to minimize injuries to ankles and feet during the daily rigors of recess and physical education.
  • At no time are students permitted to wear: sandals, flip flops, open-toe shoes, skate-shoes, heelys, high heels, wedges, platform shoes, or over-sized shoes, as these pose a safety concern during recess and physical education.
  • No dress shoes including ballet flats, oxfords, and mary janes except on Spring Picture Day or unless otherwise specified by the school
  • No Uggs or boots of any kind except on rainy days or unless otherwise specified by the school
  • No Crocs or sandals except ONLY on water play days
  • For Kindergarteners or First graders who cannot tie their own shoes, we strongly encourage parents to obtain shoes that have Velcro straps or other means of securing the shoes to their feet.

F. Accessories & Grooming

  • Belts, if worn, must be solid black or navy.
  • Colors for hair accessories should be limited to school colors.
  • Uniforms should be well-kept and wrinkle free
  • No hats or beanies in classrooms
  • Hats and beanies must be solid black, navy blue, or white with no logos
  • Make-up my be LIGHTLY worn in grades 5-6

G. Socks

  • Students must wear solid navy, black, or white socks except on House Spirit Days when house-colored socks may be worn.
  • Students must wear black, navy, or white socks with pants
  • No fishnet stockings

H. Theme Dress Days

  • College/University Day Wednesdays: Students may wear a college/university shirt or long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt with blue jeans (without holes), uniform pants, uniform skirts, or uniform shorts on Wednesdays only
  • Spirit Day Fridays: Students may wear their house shirts with uniform bottoms or any dress code-appropriate clothing in solid house colors may be worn. Jeans-- any color, and Black, White, Blue or House Colors may be worn on Fridays for these items: sweats, loose track pants, loose athletic-style shorts, skirts with leggings/tights underneath.
  • Themed Free Dress Days: Students who choose not to participate in any themed free dress days must adhere to the uniform guidelines and wear a school uniform
  • No leggings or jeggings, unless worn under a skirt
  • No pajama bottoms unless stated as part of a spirit day theme
  • No sweatpants except on House Spirit Day on Fridays

Free Dress Days

  • Dress code guidelines apply even on free dress days or with free dress passes Students are to be dressed in clothing and athletic shoes which allows them to participate in games and activities. Shoes must always be athletic shoes unless otherwise stated by the school
  • When using free dress passes, students should always be clean and neat–students and should think of it as a casual work day. Clothing must be wrinkle free, neat, clean and free of holes
  • No free dress passes can be used on awards assembly days
  • Parents are asked to help us by discouraging “message” T-shirts of questionable taste and clothing that are inappropriately revealing, such as, “spaghetti strap” blouses, shorts that are not too short, leggings (unless worn under a skirt), etc;
  • No bare waists, midriffs, bare backs, “spaghetti straps,” fishnet stockings and low necklines.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than two inches above the knee
  • Ripped jeans, pants, cut-off shorts, leggings, jeggings, and/or sweatpants are not permitted. Leggings and jeggings can only be worn under a skirt, shorts, or dress.
  • No sagging clothing that shows undergarments
  • Crocs, flip flops, sandals, slides or open toe shoes of any kind are not permitted (crocs and sandals can be worn on water play days only)
  • Parents will be called to supply more appropriate clothing of students who arrive to school out of uniform compliance
  • No leggings or jeggings, unless worn under a skirt
  • No pajamas (unless stated as part of a spirit day theme)

Dress Code Enforcement

At any time in which students arrive on campus out of compliance with the school’s uniform policy, parents may be required to bring the appropriate clothing and appropriate consequences will follow. Consequences All students at REACH are expected to comply with the Dress Code. Noncompliance may result in, but not be limited to, the following:

  •  1st Offense:
    • Students will receive a verbal reminder. Additionally written notification and a copy of our Dress Code policy will be sent home to parents/guardians.
  • 2nd Offense:
    • Parents/Guardians will be contacted to discuss the Dress Code and problem-solve strategies to aid the family in complying.
    • Parents/guardians will be required to bring an appropriate change of clothes while the student remains in the office.
    • Students will meet with a peer review group to develop strategies to help the student comply with the policy.
  • 3rd Offense:
    • At the discretion of the administration