House Inductions

Our House System was inspired by the Ron Clark Academy model and was established in 2017 to promote positive school culture and to help foster camaraderie and a different way of belonging within the larger group. Scholars are assigned to one of six houses, Altruismos, Amistades, Dochas, Sibindi, Rêve, and Ukulu. Each house has a designated theme, emblem and color. All staff members are also inducted into a house when they begin their time at REACH. Every house is presided over by a lead staff member. Some yearly events are also sponsored by a particular house. Some house sponsored events include,

STREAM Family Night and Book Fair - Sponsored by Dochas and Isibindi Houses

Thanksgiving Food Drive - Sponsored by Altruismos

Toy Drive for REACH Families - Sponsored by Ukulu House

Sweet Moments - Parent/Child Dance - Sponsored by Amistades House

Lucky Pair - Parent/Child Dance - Sponsored by Dochas

When scholars are inducted into a house they receive a lanyard in their house color. The house they are selected into will remain their house for their remaining years at REACH. Fridays are House Days at REACH and our scholars are encouraged to wear their lanyards, house shirts (or other shirt in their house color)-for more details regarding dress code for Fridays, please see the dress code section of our Parent-Student Handbook. House t-shirts are available for purchase in the front office at $12 for scholars and $17 for adults. Replacement lanyards are also available for $5.

Scholars compete with their houses at PE on Fridays and have other opportunities to earn points for their house throughout the year by displaying one of our 6 core values - leadership, excellence, responsibility, resilience, service, and gratitude by achieving honor roll or Director's List, and other achievements throughout the year.