Staff Directory

Photo of Amanda Espinoza

Amanda Espinoza

Licenced Vocational Nurse

Photo of Cristina Hernandez

Cristina Hernandez

Nutrition Services Manager/ After School Manager

Photo of Morgan Holbrook

Morgan Holbrook

TK Teacher

Morgan Holbrook has been a teacher since 2018. Prior to that, she obtained her degrees ...

Photo of Yisel Marwah

Yisel Marwah

Executive Secretary to the CEO/DOO

Photo of Luis Nolasco

Luis Nolasco

Head Coach

Photo of Dr. Virgie Rentie

Dr. Virgie Rentie

Executive Director/CEO

Dr. Virgie Rentie entered education over 19 years ago believing that if students have a...

Photo of Isabel Silva

Isabel Silva

Attendance Coordinator, School Registrar, Homeless Liason

Photo of Lizette Avila

Lizette Avila

Kinder P.E. Coach Supervisor

Photo of Oneka Dulaney

Oneka Dulaney

Nutrition Services Supervisor

Photo of Terica Ned-Pelt

Terica Ned-Pelt

Director of Operations

Mrs. Pelt believes that education is fun, exciting, and needed! All children deserve to...

Photo of Martha Nolasco

Martha Nolasco

Office Assistant

Photo of Cassidy Rentie

Cassidy Rentie

TK Teacher

Cassidy Rentie is a TK Teacher who has worked at REACH for ten years. She has earned a ...

Photo of Toiya Allen

Toiya Allen

Assistant Principal of Discipline and Data & Analytics

Toiya Allen wants scholars to grow academically, socially, and emotionally in an enviro...

Photo of Getsemani Cortez

Getsemani Cortez

PE Coach

Photo of Roxanna Dominguez

Roxanna Dominguez

Kinder Teacher

Ana Gil shares that she has been a teacher her whole life, from helping her younger sib...

Photo of Roxanne Figueroa

Roxanne Figueroa

Nutrition Services Assistant

Photo of Leslie Ochoa

Leslie Ochoa

Receptionist II, Records

Photo of Raquel Gardner

Raquel Gardner

PE Coach

Photo of Ana Gil

Ana Gil

Kindergarten Teacher (Co-Team Lead)

Photo of Sarah Jimenez

Sarah Jimenez

Assistant Principal of Instruction

Sarah Jimenez has joined the REACH family to serve as the Assistant Principal of Instru...

Photo of Demi Cooks

Demi Cooks

Special Education Program Director II

Demi Cooks believes in breaking the mold. “Everyone deserves a fair education,” she say...

Photo of Jason Harbaugh

Jason Harbaugh

P.E. Coach / BRIDGE Supervisor

Photo of Rubi Herrera

Rubi Herrera

Nutrition Services Assistant

Photo of Emily Quach

Emily Quach

Kinder Teacher (Co-Team Lead)

Emily Quach is going on her 9th year at REACH. She attended Cal State Fullerton, where ...

Photo of Jennifer Ahn

Jennifer Ahn

1st Grade Teacher

Jennifer Ahn began her teaching career in 2013 in Palm Springs Unified School District ...

Ana De Arzate

Events/After School Receptionist

Photo of Elizabeth Manzo

Elizabeth Manzo

Nutrition Services Assistant

Photo of Joel Nolasco

Joel Nolasco

PE Coach

Ruben Nolasco

Safety & Facilities Operations Manager

Ruben is a "Jack of All Trades." He has held many positions over the years, including y...

Photo of Jessica Gallegos

Jessica Gallegos

1st Grade Teacher (Co-Team Lead)

Jessica Gallegos is no stranger to education. She has been an educator for 16 years! Du...

Photo of Rashmi Passi

Rashmi Passi

Nutrition Services Assistant

Photo of Jonathan Perez

Jonathan Perez

PE Assistant

Photo of Rachael Staylor

Rachael Staylor

Special Programs Director -Enrollment/Communications

“Curiosity is the key to problem-solving.” -Galileo Riverside born and raised, Rachael...

Photo of Monae Gascon

Monae Gascon

1st Grade Teacher (Co-Team Lead)

After graduating from San Diego State and Lesley University, Mrs. Gascon began teaching...

Photo of Judi Lynn Jenkins

Judi Lynn Jenkins

Discipline Coordinator

Judi Lynn Jenkins has been a REACH staff member since 2012 and believes that education ...

Photo of Anandini Raju

Anandini Raju

Attendance and Enrollment Clerk

Photo of Nancy Rodriguez-Castellanos

Nancy Rodriguez-Castellanos

Kinder P.E. Coach

Photo of Rocquel Jeter

Rocquel Jeter

2nd Grade Teacher

After graduating from Pacific Oaks College and California State University Fullerton, J...

Photo of Shawn Ruiz

Shawn Ruiz

P.E. Coach

Photo of Katherine Wicks

Katherine Wicks

Intervention Coordinator

Katie Wicks grew up in Chesterfield, Virginia. She attended Mary Baldwin College in Sta...

Kyla Britt

Lead Interventionist

Photo of Mia Lyons

Mia Lyons

2nd Grade Teacher (Team Lead)

Mrs. Lyons has been a teacher at REACH since 2008. After ten years at a Christian Schoo...

Photo of Brianna Urias

Brianna Urias

Kinder Coach

Photo of Miya Orellana

Miya Orellana

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Orellana Graduated from California Baptist with a bachelor’s degree in Early Child...

Photo of Janet Ahmadzai

Janet Ahmadzai

3rd Grade Teacher

Janet Ahmadzai has been working as a third-grade teacher since 2022. After graduating f...

Photo of Jennifer Bard

Jennifer Bard

Speech Pathologist

Photo of Julia Kerby

Julia Kerby

3rd Grade Teacher

Julia received her degree from California State University Monterey Bay and began her t...

Photo of Brooke Tolson

Brooke Tolson

3rd Grade Teacher (Team Lead)

After graduating from Pepperdine University, Ms. Tolson spent a year teaching in a 50/5...

Photo of Thomas Kumamoto

Thomas Kumamoto

4th Grade Math Teacher

Thomas Kumamoto received his graduate degrees from UC Riverside and California Baptist ...

Photo of Sandra Oropeza

Sandra Oropeza

4th Grade Science Teacher (Team Lead)

Sandra Oropeza received her degree from the Mt. SAC and California State University Los...

Photo of Amanda Reynolds

Amanda Reynolds

4th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Amanda graduated from Loyola Marymount University before beginning her career in educat...

Photo of Eliab Nolasco

Eliab Nolasco

IT Manager/Assistant Safety Coordinator

Photo of Benjamin Rodriguez

Benjamin Rodriguez

5th Grade Science Teacher (Team Lead)

Mr. Rodriguez has been a teacher since 2006. When he first began teaching, he taught ad...

Photo of Jannyda Sre

Jannyda Sre

5th Grade Math Teacher

Jannyda Sre earned her degrees from UCLA and Loyola Marymount University. She has been ...

Photo of Jairo Valencia

Jairo Valencia

Tech Assistant

Photo of Baylee Cole

Baylee Cole

5th Grade Language Arts Teacher

After graduating from Yorba Linda High School, Baylee Cole earned a B.S. in Kinesiology...

Photo of Isaac Cortez

Isaac Cortez

Facilities Assistant/Tech Support

Photo of Krystal Frye

Krystal Frye

6th Grade Science Science Teacher (Team Lead)

Krystal Frye graduated from Northern Arizona University after she began her teaching ca...

Photo of Carmen Velarde

Carmen Velarde

Custodian/Campus Security

Photo of Anthony Collins

Anthony Collins

Custodian/Campus Security

Photo of Kara Howard

Kara Howard

6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Kara Howard attended the University of Kentucky for her graduate degree and California ...

Photo of Jessica Castanon

Jessica Castanon

Administrative Assistant-Special Education

Photo of Haley Gillman

Haley Gillman

SPED Teacher

Mrs. Gillman has had many roles at REACH. She started in 2014 as a long-term sub in TK....

Photo of Steven Lucero

Steven Lucero

Custodian I

Photo of Tristen Boandl

Tristen Boandl

SPED Teacher

Going into her third year at REACH, she shared that while growing up, she struggled wit...

Photo of Naina Chawla

Naina Chawla

TK Aide

Photo of David Lopez

David Lopez

Custodian I

Angel Taylor

Behavioral Interventionist

Photo of Charles Bridges

Charles Bridges

Custodian II

Photo of Crystal Contreras

Crystal Contreras

Instructional Coach

Photo of Steven Contreras
Photo of Nathan Uribe

Nathan Uribe

Behavior Interventionist

Yulan Ding

Mandarin Teacher

Vanessa Gouveia

Instructional Aide

Photo of Jose (Danny) Valencia

Jose (Danny) Valencia

Behavior Interventionist

Photo of Jasmine Nolasco

Jasmine Nolasco

Instructional Aide

Photo of Ferdine Walling

Ferdine Walling

Behavior Interventionist

Photo of Annayah Pelt

Annayah Pelt


Photo of Sasha Spooner

Sasha Spooner

Instructional Aide

Photo of Josephine Cabrera

Josephine Cabrera

Residential Sub/Intervention

Photo of Jazmyn Juarez

Jazmyn Juarez

Residential Sub/Intervention

Photo of Mrs. Jennifer Boren

Mrs. Jennifer Boren

Board Secretary

Mrs. Boren has taught for RUSD for 14 years. During her time with RUSD, she has taught ...

Photo of Ms. Angel Braach

Ms. Angel Braach

Board Member

Angel Braach was elected to the governing board in 2021. She received a Bachelor of Art...

Photo of Mrs. Carla Crow

Mrs. Carla Crow

Board Vice President

Carla Crow has been in the medical field for nearly 30 years. As a Registered Nurse, Mr...

Photo of Mrs. Ahlam Gheith

Mrs. Ahlam Gheith

Board Member

Ahlam Gheith was elected to the governing board in 2017 and has been a resident of Rive...

Photo of Maria Guadarrama
Photo of Mrs. Maria Maness

Mrs. Maria Maness

Board Member

Maria Maness is a Latina Spanish-speaking community college counselor. She has over a d...

Photo of Ms. Trayci Nelson

Ms. Trayci Nelson

Board President/Treasurer

Ms. Nelson is an Urban Planning and Land Development consultant with more than 30 years...

Photo of Dr. Patricio Perez

Dr. Patricio Perez

Board Member

Patricio Perez was elected to the REACH governing board in 2021. Dr. Perez brings a uni...

Photo of Mrs. Ashleigh Reid

Mrs. Ashleigh Reid

Board Member

Ashleigh Reid has served as a parent member since 2017. She firmly believes that educat...